D1 Saildrive


Volvo Penta D1 Saildrive is a totally integrated package, with the perfectly matched Saildrive is a naturally aspirated diesel engine using a cam-driven, in-line injection pump, and freshwater cooling. Together, the package gives low cruising rpm with quiet running, and minimal vibrations.

- 115A alternator with built-in charging sensor
- Electronic Vessel Control instrumentation and NMEA interface
- Dedicated oil change pipe
- Relay-activated starter solenoid
- Freshwater cooling is standard

Key features and benefits for D1 SAILDRIVE


Smooth running with low vibration levels is achieved through a dynamically-balanced design incorporating highly efficient rubber isolation. Lower engine speed together with an inlet air silencer reduces noise levels and contributes to increased onboard comfort.


With a rigid engine block and a one-piece cylinder head, this Volvo Penta marine diesel engine is designed and built to be immensely strong. Together, the engine and Saildrive form a solid, robust and highly efficient package that is easy to install.


High-capacity charging is standard. The 115A alternator has an electronic sensor which enables a higher battery capacity. Even at idle speed, the alternator gives more than 35A, and at cruising speed it de¬livers approx. 100A.


The engine is fitted with freshwater cooling as standard. This reduces internal corrosion and enables the engine to maintain a consistent and optimal working temperature under all conditions.


A propulsion system from Volvo Penta is easy to maintain. Our comprehensive range of high-quality oil, lubrication, and coolant ensures top performance and more time at sea. Standard features include replaceable separate full-flow and bypass oil filter, oil level and oil temperature sensors and crank case oil separator to keep the engine in good condition. Maintenance assistant in the standard display indicating time to service.


Here are the key specifications for this product model. Want more details? Download the brochure or contact us.

D1 SAILDRIVE - 12.2 hp D1 SAILDRIVE - 18.8 hp D1 SAILDRIVE - 27 hp    
Detailed Segment Marine Leisure Diesel Marine Leisure Diesel      
Crankshaft Power kW 9 kW 13.8 kW 20 kW    
Crankshaft Power HP 12.2 hp 18.8 hp 27 hp    
Rated RPM          
Displacement litres 0.5 litres 0.8 litres 1.1 litres
Displacement cui 21 in³ 47in³ 69 in³
Cylinder Configuration
Number of Cylinders 2 3 3
Emission Compliance BSO II, EU RCD STAGE II, EPA tier 3 BSO II, EU RCD STAGE II, EPA tier 3  BSO II, EU RCD Stage II, EPA Tier 3    
Control System  
High-pressure fuel injection Inline injection pump
Cooling System Heat Exchanger
Product Family 1 liter series

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