Volvo Penta V8‐TCC


Volvo Penta V8-TCC

Volvo Penta Aquamatic Sterndrive V8‐TCC is a totally integrated package, powered by the 8‐cylinder, 5.3‐liter or 6.2-liter, freshwater‐cooled, direct‐injected gasoline engine with catalyst. Working together with the perfectly matched TCC Duoprop drive, providing additional corrosion protection, this package offers very low emission levels, excellent handling, and impressive acceleration power.

- All aluminum cylinder block
- Closed freshwater cooling system
- Wideband oxygen sensors
- Compact dimensions
- Drive with built‐in kick‐up function
- Spark‐ignited, direct fuel injection system
- Duoprop twin, counter‐rotating propellers
- Drive with titanium‐ceramic coating
- Catalytic converter
- Electronic engine control system
- Low‐weight, aluminum exhaust system
- Easy accessible service points
- Variable valve timing
- Easy Drain system
- Water‐in‐oil sensor
- Water‐in‐bellow sensor

Key features and benefits for V8-TCC

Compact and lightweight package

The compact engine‐drive package facilitates installation. Thanks to the aluminum cylinder block and cylinder head, the low‐friction, lightweight pistons, and a cast‐aluminum oil pan, the power‐to-weight ratio is excellent.

Direct injection technology

The direct injection fuel system enables high compression ratio with more energy coming from each drop of fuel – thus reducing both fuel consumption and emission levels.

Variable valve timing

With the variable valve timing, each movement of the intake and exhaust valve can be optimized for speed and load. Combustion will always be correct irrespective of rpm, resulting in higher torque and acceleration across the whole rpm range.

Freshwater‐cooled engine

The freshwater cooling system makes the engine last longer and run better. The closed‐loop system eliminates seawater exposure inside the engine, prevents corrosion and improves the engine’s durability and resale value.

Easy Drain system

With the Easy Drain system, the engine is drained from raw water in just minutes. Thanks to the anti‐siphon valve, this is possible with the boat still in the water.


Salt or brackish water boaters may want to upgrade to the OX’s proprietary titanium-ceramic coating which makes the corrosion resistance up to four times more resistant than our standard drives.


Here are the key specifications for this product model. Want more details? Download the brochure or contact us.

V8-300-TCC V8-350-TCC V8-380-TCC V8-430-TCC
Detailed Segment Marine Leisure Gas
Crankshaft Power kW 224 261 283 321
Crankshaft Power HP 300 350 380 430
Rated RPM 5,800 5,800 6,000 6,000
Displacement litres 5.3 5.3 6.2 6.2
Displacement cui 323 323 376 376
Emission Compliance EPA Tier 3, CARB Tier 4 Off-Road CI, EU RCD Stage II EPA Tier 3, CARB Tier 4 Off-Road CI, EU RCD Stage II EPA Tier 3, EU RCD Stage II EPA Tier 3, EU RCD Stage II
Emission Control Technology Catalytic Converter
Control System Electronic Vessel Control, Electronic Gas Control Electronic Vessel Control, Electronic Gas Control Electronic Vessel Control, Electronic Gas Control Electronic Vessel Control, Electronic Gas Control
High-pressure fuel injection Direct injection Direct injection Multi-port electronic fuel injection Multi-port electronic fuel injection
Cooling System Heat Exchanger Cooling Heat Exchanger Cooling Heat Exchanger Cooling Heat Exchanger Cooling
Product Family 8 liter series

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