Awesome Activities Your Family Can Do on Your Next Boating Trip

30 Jan 24

Boating is an amazing and exciting activity to bring your family together and spend quality time. Your kids can learn new skills involving water activities while the rest of the adults can relax, unwind, feel the fresh breeze, and soak in the sunlight. Family boats, such as the Stacer Wildrider or Crossfire are the perfect watercraft for your family members to spend time in nature comfortably. If your family plans to go boating, here are exciting activities that you can do on your next boating trip:


Kayaking or paddleboarding is a great way to get some needed exercise for your family. And, it’s also a great way to challenge yourself to navigate bodies of water and work out your arms.

If your family prefers a more exhilarating activity, you can water ski, wakeboard, ‘skurf’ or use inflatables that you can tow behind your boat where your family members can go tubing and have the time of their lives. The Wildrider range is perfect of this type of activity.

If you prefer to swim and spend some time underwater to appreciate the marine life, snorkelling and scuba diving are the ways to do it. Snorkelling is a great way for everyone to enjoy a good swim and see marine organisms near the surface. If you want to go to see more diverse and beautiful coral reefs, kelp forests and marine animals up close, scuba diving is the perfect activity for that. Enjoy discovering the marine world with your loved ones. For these activities, the Sea Runner range is recommended, as it has plenty of storage and offers protection from the elements under the half cabin.


Catching fish is another enriching activity while you’re out boating with your family. Not only have the satisfaction of catching fish or crabs that will be a part of your delicious meal later, but you and your family can also learn a new and useful skill. You can catch fish using the traditional angling style or use other fishing styles such as casting or trolling. The Outlaw and the Crossfire range are perfect for these activities, as they offer plenty of casting space on the deck. The Crossfire can be used interchangeably as a family boat or a fishing boat!


It may sound odd for some who haven’t been exposed to the boating lifestyle, but cooking is amazing to do on open waters especially when you’re grilling meat or smoking your freshly caught fish. Think about it, you bother no one with the aromatic smell coming from your cooked meals. Plus, anyone can get pretty hungry while being out in the open water and it’ll take some time to go back to land and find a place to eat so having a freshly cooked meal in your boat can solve hunger pangs right away.


Boating is a great way to transport you to various beautiful islands and waterways in Australia. If your family plans to explore inland waterways around the country and spend the night near a river bank, on a lake, or in coastal areas, camping on your boat is an ideal way to get close to nature while being safe and sound from the elements and wild animals. The Sea Runner range allows plenty of space on the deck for swags to stay the night on your boat.

Chill on the Water

In Australia, little family boats embody the epitome of relaxation on the water. Enjoy the laid-back atmosphere and moments of tranquillity with a drink in hand, as the gentle waves lap against your boat. Creating cherished memories of leisure and connection with nature together with your family and friends. Stacer boats allow you to navigate the tranquil estuaries, rivers and serene lakes, providing a perfect escape for families and friends seeking a peaceful retreat. For example, the Wild Rider bowrider boats have a large open deck area to lounge on and enjoy nature. The Sea Runner cuddy cabin boats are perfect for longer trips and can accommodate families when they plan to camp on the water overnight. The open area around the bow on the Crossfire range can either be transformed into a lounging area or a casting deck for a better fishing experience! All these boats are perfect for all families to relax and spend carefree days on the water.

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