5 Reasons Why You Can Trust Us with Your Engine

Thwaites marine engine servicing
15 Apr 24

At Thwaites Marine, we are experienced marine mechanics and engineers and we pride ourselves on having a passion for boating.

We started off doing just marine engineering and mechanical repairs on boats with inboard engines, such as marine rescue boats, fisheries boats, sail yachts, charter boats... Then we decided to also take on smaller engines. Today we can install, service and repair any make and model of outboard and inboard engine, in any recreational and commercial vessel, from small tinnies to big super yachts. We are also proud dealers for Stacer boats and trailers and we have affordable boat packages in stock.

What makes Thwaites Marine a strong, reliable marine business?

We care about our work quality and take pride in what we do. All of our staff are passionate about boating or sailing, which help us relate to the issues our customers face. We always aim for a five-star quality service, no matter what your boating needs are.

What do you enjoy most about working on the Coffs Coast?

The Coffs Coast provides plenty of boating and fishing opportunities, both in the ocean and in the rivers. It is truly a beautiful place which we are lucky to call both home and work place.

What is the best thing about your job?

I thrive on big, challenging jobs. I get to spend time outdoors and I meet a lot of interesting people with great sailing and fishing stories.

Some expert advice

Preventive maintenance is better than an untimely repair. In other words, if your engine hasn’t been serviced for a while, bring it in!

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