5 Reasons Why Winter Is the Best Time to Buy a Tinny or A New Outboard Motor

09 Jul 24

Winters may not be the season for boating, but for savvy boaters, this time of year presents a golden opportunity.  This might sound counterintuitive, but winter is the prime time to score incredible deals if you want to snag a new Stacer boat or an outboard. We list down 5 reasons why this cold & wet season could lead you to the hottest deals on the watercraft you've been eyeing:

Lower Demand

November to April is the peak boating season in Australia. With sizzling hot weather and endless sunny skies, demand for boats and outboards naturally soars. This leads to higher prices and potentially limited selection.

However, as the weather cools down, boating activity dips. Most dealerships experience a decrease in customer traffic, which is a great time for you to shop for boats and even land amazing deals and discounts.

More Time To Prepare for the Boating Season

Use the downtime to research different boat and outboard models before making any purchases. Identify features important to you, compare specifications, and establish a budget.  You can also get additional accessories you might need, such as sounders, radios, or fishing gear. When springtime comes, you’ll be fully equipped for your boating adventures.  

Enjoy the Whale Season

As mentioned in our previous article, from May to November, Humpback whales migrate along Australia’s Eastern and Western coasts to breed in warmer waters. Every year, thousands of Australians witness these whales’ amazing acrobatic displays and other interesting behaviours in and out of the water. What’s great is that winters in NSW are generally sunny and pleasant, with light offshore winds and temperatures hovering between 19 to 25 degrees Celsius, making it the perfect weather for boating. You can see the majestic Humpbacks up close, always following safety guidelines and regulations, and admire these marvellous marine mammals from your Australian-made Stacer tinny.

More Time to Get Used to Your New Boat

When you purchase a new boat, you will need some time to master how to operate it. Since most waterways are much less busy this season, this is your chance to practice properly handling your boat, especially if you’re a rookie boater.

If you’re not too sure about handling a boat alone, consider taking courses or attending workshops on navigation, boat safety, or basic maintenance. Investing in your knowledge can enhance your skills and boating experience, ensuring safe and enjoyable outings on the water.

End-of-Financial-Year Deals to Take Advantage Of

In Australia, the end of the financial year falls on June 30. A lot of Australian retailers, including boat dealers like us here at Thwaites Marine, mark the end of the financial year and the start of the next one with great Sales.

These sales offer huge price reductions on boats and boat engines, providing an excellent opportunity for budget-conscious boaters looking to upgrade their outboards or buy a new vessel.

We are currently offering discounted prices on all our Stacer boats. Check out our available Stacer boat models and our outboards or contact us if you have more questions you’d like us to answer.

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